Dr. David Serfaty
President of the European Society of Gynecology

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I would like to welcome all of you to the 10th Congress of the
European Society of Gynecology (ESG) that will be held in Bruxelles, heart of Europe, in September 2013.
ESG has organized many congresses and seminars over the last twenty years, and every two years it awards young European researchers in gyneco-endocrinology through the Alice and Albert Netter's award.
ESG Congresses have always been successful experiences, especially the one organized in Rome in 2009 by Andrea Genazzani, (vice president of our Society), and the one organized in Copenhagen in 2011 by Sven Skouby.
All ESG conferences and seminars reflect the dynamism of our Society. ESG is structured progressively. It does not intend to replace already existing European Scientific Societies in the field of Gynecological Endocrinology such as: EBCOG, ESHRE or ESE. On the contrary, it wants to closely cooperate with them, as attested by their presence in the scientific program of the 9th ESG Congress in Copenhagen, and to help them, if necessary, in their several missions.
I would like to thank the ESG founders, especially Alice and Albert Netter, Clara Pelissier and Hoang Ngoc Minh, all ESG ex-presidents: Albert Netter, Philippe Bouchard, Karl Thomas, Agostinho de Almeida Santos, Joachim Calaf and Clara Pelissier, the executive committees and boards, and particularly our Treasurer Anne Grimard for making ESG what it has become today
I would also like to thank Jean-Michel Foidart, the ESG general secretary, who is working hard to modernize our young Society and who will chair the 10th Congress in Bruxelles. With great enthusiasm, I invite you to come in large numbers to Bruxelles in September 2013, attending the 10th ESG Congress and sharing your gynecological experiences with us.

Dr. J.M. Foidart
General Secretary SEG

Dear Friends, I have the great honor and pleasure to invite you to the tenth International Congress of the European Society of Gynecology, that will take place In Brussels, Belgium, September 19-23, 2013. Consider blocking immediately, these dates in your Calendar. With the participation of Prof. Andrea Genazzani, as President of the 10th ESG, Brussels Congress, of myself as Chairman of the International Scientific Committee, with the partnership of the ESG Scientific Committee and of the Belgian Societies of Gynecology (GGOLFB and VVOG), we can assure you that the Scientific program will be outstanding at the sharp edge of scientific knowledge and of new clinical developments. This Congress will be a platform of extensive exchanges about the many aspects of the Women’s health, reproductive medicine and obstetrical complications. Plenary presentations and key note lectures will provide integrated and up to date comprehensive information about the recent therapeutic achievements, present knowledge in Gynecology and European medical Consensus. Brussels is our Capital, the Capital of Belgium, but also an European Capital. It hosts the European Commission and NATO organizations. Brussels is also a Capital of Arts, Surrealism (Magritte) of exquise French and International Cuisine and of multicultural refinement. Come and taste the charm of the Grand-Place, and of the neighborouring small streets, with Manneken Pis, a world famous statue. Walk in Brussels in the Fall sun, in the Mont des Arts. Discover the Magritte Museum or the Royal Palce or the prestigious commercial galeries, or even the Atomium, the modern Art Museum, the Cinquantenaire Museum…. The Motto, for Europe "Unity in Diversity" was selected in Brussels in 2000. It applies not only to Europe but also to the ESG and to the Spirit of our 10th Congress. I will be most happy to wellcome you in Brussels.